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Friday, December 16, 2016

Flashback Friday-Diagnosis-Breast Cancer

Flashback to the day that it all got real.....

October 3, 2016

After going through a diagnostic mammogram, ultrasound, and numerous other tests, I had an appointment with my oncology surgeon today. He didn't beat around the bush at all, he entered the room and said, "Well, you are positive for breast cancer."

Stage 3

Invasive Ductal-Carcinoma
HER 2-Negative

WTH does all this mean???

He said that I would have chemo, a mastectomy, and then most likely radiation. Although I knew in my heart that this was cancer, even before Dr. Quill said those words to me, it was still quite a shock hearing it confirmed. My head was spinning with so many questions, but the big one was, "AM I GOING TO DIE??"

Dr. Quill said this was curable and that we were going to hit it with every weapon available to make sure that we got rid of every cancer cell and to ensure they didn't come back. He then asked if I was ready to fight.


And fighting I am! I have so far received 3 rounds of chemo-the type lovingly referred to as "The Red Devil, " and on Thursday I had my first of 12 Taxol treatments. I'm told that the side effects shouldn't be as bad with the Taxol as with the previous 3 treatments, but whatever the side effects, I'm just thankful for the arsenal of weapons I have available for this fight!

I was given this book on the day of my diagnosis. I have to admit that for the first couple of weeks, each time I picked up the book I felt like I was going to throw up. I would seriously become nauseous. Little by little though I was able to start reading bits and pieces and I found that the more I read, the more in control I felt!

This quote is in the book from a Survivor........

Information about my cancer was necessary for me to once again feel in control of my life.

Yes, knowledge is power. There may be some things about cancer that I would rather not have to know, but in the end....these are things that I NEED to know.

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