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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Good News, Laughter & Disco Chemo

I am happy to report that after going to the hospital outpatient center both Saturday and Sunday mornings to receive injections of Neupogen-my ANC numbers were up to normal levels and I was able to get my chemo treatment as scheduled!! Taxol #5!! Only 7 more to go!!

I also have some more really good news! My oncologist did a breast exam, and he couldn't feel ANYTHING in either my breast or the lymph nodes under my arm!! What a difference from my first exam before I started on chemo! At that time I had a huge mass in my breast and a couple of places under my arm that you could easily feel with a manual exam! YAY!!

On a silly/funny note (I said in my introduction that I pray there will be laughter??!), from my exam.....My crazy hubby was in the room with me, and the doctor handed me one of those little paper shirts to put on, and he left the room for me to change. As soon as he left the room and I started to take my shirt and bra off, my goofy hubby gets out his phone and say's, "Hey, maybe a couple of topless shots??" So we start laughing and being silly (and maybe a bit too loud for the paper thin walls??), as I told him he would DIE if he took a photo! THEN, I mindlessly put the paper shirt on, but I put it so that the opening was in the back?? NO, wait-that didn't seem right! So I started laughing and told Ray that I would have to quickly change so that I wasn't struggling and topless when the doctor came back in, but he said he thought I had it right because you ALWAYS put the paper gown on with the closing in the back! Um, yeah I said, but my BOOBS are in the FRONT!! So, I'm changing the paper gown, and we are both laughing as the laughing doctor, and his RED FACED nurse come into the room!! I guess they were standing outside the room for a bit??!! OMG, THEN, my crazy husband say's, "Oh, sorry-I was just trying to get some topless shots" and he holds up his phone!! I think maybe the hubby stays in the waiting room for future examinations?!!

After I got over the embarrassing scene in the exam room, I practically danced my way from my doctor's office to the treatment room! All of the nurses were so sweet and so happy that my numbers were up and we could move forward with my chemo! They had the music on a disco music station, and I was bopping to some old favorites such as Saturday Night Fever, You Should Be Dancing, Night Fever, Funky Town, and so many other fun songs from my old Limelight days, through the entire treatment!! LOL! I have to say that I was enjoying the DISCO CHEMO!!

I'm not ashamed to admit that back in the day, I LOVED disco!!

Back in the day-Getting ready for some Disco Dancing!
Hoping you all find something to put the laughter in your day, no matter what you have going on!!

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