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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Celebrations Weekend 2/4-2/5

Hey, Y'all!

Since I didn't post anything all week, I thought I would play "catch-up" and post a bit about last weekend!

Saturday, February 4th-

Saturday morning was an early day at the Hospital Outpatient Center for a shot of Neupogen to help kick-start my white blood cells for my chemo on Monday. I wore my Patriots hat and had a lot of fun listening to all of the Atlanta Falcons fans trash-talk my Pats!!

ALSO, Saturday I turned 63 with a low-key, but nice celebration with the family!

Sunday, February 5th-

Sunday morning was another trip to the Outpatient Center for yet ANOTHER shot and then back home to celebrate Conor's 16th Birthday! Yep, TWO Birthday's in one weekend!! We went out to lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse (Conor's fave) to celebrate both our big days!

Conor can't stand to have his picture taken!

Sunday evening there was ANOTHER celebration in the Robbins household! After a very stressful first half of the Super Bowl.....our Team came out Champions!!

It was so emotional seeing Tom Brady's Mom who has been very sick while undergoing chemo. They apparently weren't sure until a couple of days before the big game if she would be able to attend.

All in all, it was a very nice weekend! This weekend is turning out to be pretty boring by comparison!!

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